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At Posh, we care about your pup’s health just like you do. That’s why all our recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients with real meat always as the first one! Bring more Poshness to mealtime!

Pet Food
Made Healthy.

No Meat By Products
Nutritionally Balanced And Complete
Real Chicken And Fish As The First Ingredient
Carefully Crafted By Nutritional Experts

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Posh All Natural Range Real Chicken And Rice Recipe

A perfect blend of real chicken, packed with the goodness of Fish makes for a nutritious meal time with optimum growth for puppies in all stages!

Posh Pro Active RangePremium Chicken And Fish Recipe

A perfect blend of fresh ocean fish, real chicken, packed with the goodness of essential oils and minerals for a lustrous coat. An ideal diet for all adult dogs!

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In A Nutshell

Clean Dog Food, Healthy Treats, Vet, Ask us anything Pet Parents, Tips, Community.
No chemicals, 100% natural food
We care about your pets
Ask us anything, here for you

Happy Puppers

Hear it from other posh puppers

Their sales representative was very helpful. From helping me with the right product to delivering on time.


Dog Parent

My dog is very moody and needs variety in her food. It gets difficult to create variety. It’s been a month with posh and she simply loves her meal time.


Dog Parent

At first I was unsure of switching brands. Once I got myself the Pro Active Adult, my dog Cathy is so hooked into it. She loves the fish flavour and now healthier than before.


Dog Parent

Posh Stray Friends

"When you buy Posh, a part of it goes into feeding our stray friends. Here take a look at some of the cuties"

Posh Stray Friends

"When you buy Posh, a part of it goes into feeding our stray friends. Here take a look at some of the cuties"


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