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Give your pooch the ultimate surprise by gifting a Treato box. Treato box comes with treats and toys every month which are never repeated. Guaranteed.

How it Works?

Get ready to spoil your pup with a Treato Box of their own!

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Treato Box comes in 3 variations- Combo, Junior and Maxi. Choose the right box for your dog and enter your payment details. We provide free shipping all over India

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Your card will be charged only after the box is delivered- every month. Your dog will never look at that brown box the same way again

A brand new box every month


What's there in a Treato Box?

Meaty training treats and awesome chews handpicked for your pup. We promise to deliver new varieties of treats each month so your dog is never bored!
Teething toys, plush toys, rope toys, interactive toys and tough toys are rotated based on your pup's development
From grooming goodies to training essentials, we get you the accessories you need when you need them
We let you know what's going on with your dog and what you should be doing to keep up!
Ideal for a week
Treato Combo
  • One treat
  • One chew
  • Toy
  • Accessories
  • Online consultations
Ideal for a fortnight
Treat Box Jr.
  • One box biscuits (350g)
  • One training treat (150g)
  • One chew (2-20 pieces)
  • One toy
  • E-Vet Consultations
  • Accessories
Treato Box
  • Two boxes of biscuits (350g + 350g)
  • One training treat (150g)
  • One chew (4-40 pieces)
  • 2 toys
  • 2 cool accessories
  • E-Vet Consultations
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Simba loved everything even though he is usually moody about food and toys. But with the treato box me and Simba were pleasantly surprised with delicious treats and quality toys!