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Puppy Care5 best pet-friendly cafes in India

September 15, 2021by The Posh Pupper0

Getaways with your pet can be fun and relaxing.Time and again, studies have shown that spending quality time with your pet can be therapeutic and act as a serious mood-lifter. What can be more fun than accompanying your furry friend on your weekend visits to the nearby cafe?  Voila! A pet-date indeed!

Below are five such cafes in India which welcome pets with open arms:-

  1. Furball Story:

    Where: Gurugram

 Situated in the heart of the city this chic uber-cool  cafe is a gateway to pet-wonderland for your beloved furball. The cafe owners themselves promote pet-therapy through interactive sessions.The grub menu includes specially curated meals for dogs and the hydrotherapy sessions at the pool are a crowd-puller.

  1. Puppychino Cafe:

Where: Delhi

    Located in ShahPur,this cafe is very popular among dog-owners,and puppy-owners,especially,are regular visitors. As cute as the name sounds,the interior is equally cute with a dedicated play-space for dogs. A wide assortment of dog-only menu and pretty muffins and pancakes are a huge hit among the visitors.

  1. The Love Room:

Where: Delhi

 A brainchild of two pet-lovers,Shruti and Ankush,this cafe,situated in Tollygunge,houses it’s very own nine dogs and four cats. A regular bustling place owing to it’s unconventional theme,the cafe has it’s own play-space for dogs. A special drink,Dog Beer,is hand-crafted to your dog’s liking.The menu is widespread and offers sumptuous grub.

  1. Throttle-Shrottle:

Where: Faridabad-Gurgaon Highway

 This cafe is a regular hotspot for bikers from all over the country .The USP of this cafe is that you can visit this cafe with friends and famiy, along with your furry friend and theirs as well and the staff will take utmost care of your beloved four-legged friends, all while offering them delicious meals and engaging in fun activities.

  1. Off-The Leash:

Where: Gurugram

   Synonymous with the name,it’s a must to free your dog from it’s leash upon entering this cafe, which is located in Sector 59,Bahrampur Naya. The cafe is themed on an enclosed farm-like space, with ample greenery, a park, pool, toys and dog-treats among other amenities. The menu is diverse, with options for both dog-owners and their dogs.

The bond between a dog and his master is unfathomable and deep-rooted. Regular bonding sessions with your dog only strengthens that bond and makes it eternal. Such pet-friendly cafes offer the ultimate combination of play and party for you as well as your dog alike and rejuvenate your dampened spirits. As always, pet-therapy is the best therapy one can bask in.

So, the next time you are on a hunt for a cafe that suits both you and your dog alike, you know which places to turn up to.

Bon voyage & bon appetit from the folks at Posh Puppy!!

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