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Puppy Care5 Mistakes New Puppy Parents Make

September 17, 2021by The Posh Pupper0

Five Mistakes New Puppy Parents Make



Being a puppy-parent is indeed a “Gift Of The Magi”, but on several occasions, they end up making avoidable mistakes, that are in some way or the other, detrimental for the new four-legged member in the house. After all, puppy parents are the best, but they are not perfect in every sense either.


Here are the eight common mistakes that puppy parents make while treading along the path of their puppy’s growing-up years. Read on to avoid doing the same with your little furry one.

  •  Not Socializing Your Pup: Time and again, studies by pet experts have shown that puppies who are not socialized during the initial three months of their life are more prone to developing behavior problems in the later stages of their life. Such puppies are plagued by fear and aggression as a constant companion to their temperament. The ideal socialization period is usually between 6 to 14 weeks old of age, as this is the time during which your puppy has increased mental synaptic stimulation, and thereby, it is important to provide adequate exposure to the sights, sounds, and the experiences outside of the home.
  •  Misusing The Crate: Crates offer a safe and controlled environment when you can’t deliver your full attention to your pup. While dogs actually like confined spaces owing to their natural tendency of being den animals, make sure to never use crates as a form of punishment. The crate should always be looked upon as a place where your little one can reside and feel comforted. Make sure to never leave him in crates for more than four hours and it is always a healthy practice to take your dog on a short walking session once he’s out of the crate.
  •  Delays In Training: Bringing a new puppy home is like welcoming a newborn baby. A lot of the time is invested in cuddling and playing and showering your fur ball with all the love and adoration in the world. While puppies mature faster than human babies, it is important to prioritize their training. Teaching them basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come” etc., and focusing on proper canine etiquette and mannerisms from a young age can do wonders in producing a very well-behaved dog in the later stages of your pup’s life.
  •  Inconsistent Training: When it comes to training your puppy, consistency, and regularity is the key to success. Dogs get confused a couple of times while introducing newer commands over time. Do not get disheartened if your dog can’t pick up the lessons left and right. It is with repetition and consistency, all the while following a scheduled routine, by making him acclimatized with new commands and going over older ones, day by day, that will do the trick. So be patient and you’re sure to see your fur ball make your heart swell with pride.
  •  Saying “NO” To Bad Behavior: Many puppy parents make the mistake of reprimanding their new doggo while they perform an unwanted behavior. It does more harm than good, for your information. Switching your focus to adopting methods to teach your dog what you actually want him to do, rather than saying “NO” and reprimanding him for his actions, is a better alternative for the best results.

    While your pup loves being goofy all the time (after all that’s what dogs love doing), it is      only his own sweet way of reciprocating your immense love for him. It is with a pinch of compassion, dedication, and a whole lot of mischief that your adorable ball of fur will bask in glory and make you a proud puppy parent.

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