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Puppy CareWhy is Kibble better than home food?

September 17, 2021by The Posh Pupper0

Worried about whether to pamper your doggo with kibble rather than home-made dog food and missing out on essential nutrients in his growing-up years? Well, sit back and relax, as we folks at Posh Puppy list down reasons why you can switch to kibble over dog food. Happy reading, Pupper!!



  •  Kibble is custom-made:  As the saying goes- every dog has it’s day, so is the case with your dog’s needs. Dog needs vary individually and  according to the breed as well. Kibble can be customized as per the diet chart of your dog,thus ensuring he gets the right nutrients without any compromises on health.


  • Ready-to-eat: Kibble is ready to serve and doesn’t require any special preparation. But it is better to provide kibble with a complimentary bowl of water since they have high caloric density and low moisture and will hence ensure your dog doesn’t feel thirsty while munching on them.


  • Easy-to-feed:  Kibbles come in different shapes and sizes and dogs love exploring new things owing to their inquisitive nature.Moreover, the mouth-watering aroma is sure to make your doggo go crazy and will automatically stimulate his taste buds,once he gets the smell of it with his goofy nose,without having to worry about feeding him.


  • Dedicated guidelines: Most kibbles come with detailed guidelines about proper usage. Such instructions,if followed properly,will ensure your dog gets the proper diet without having to worry about him getting malnourished or obese.


  • Promotes oral hygiene: Kibble ensures that your dog’s oral hygiene is being taken care of. Owing to their dry texture,there’s very little chance of plaque and tartar formation on your doggo’s teeth.Moreover,their chewy texture also promotes beneficial oral exercise for your dog.


  • Easy-to-store: Most kibbles come with a dry texture and are usually sold in sealed airtight packages. The use of added preservatives prolong the shelf life and ensure that you can fill your doggo’s goliath hunger for a long time.


  • Readily-available: There are umpteen sources that sell kibble throughout the length and breadth of the country. They come in different varieties and prices, all based on your dog’s customary needs. Don’t forget to visit PoshPuppy’s website for a wide assortment of kibble and do let us know if you need any help in making the right choice.


  •  Pocket-friendly: Affordable pricing makes it the first choice among dog owners. Providing good nutrition at reasonable prices is what most kibble companies strive forward to. So,the next time you are on a tight month-end budget,go ahead and take the leap, afterall,you mean the world to your dog and you can always provide him with affordable treats without having to spend a fortune.


  • Travel-friendly: Kibbles come in compact sizes which make them easy to carry while travelling. So,the next time when you are out on joyrides with your best four-legged friend, who’ll pretty much be cuddled up in the comfort of your lap,be sure to carry an extra packet of kibble without having to worry about the space constraint.


  • Nutritionally balanced: Kibbles are custom-made, catering to every dog’s individual needs, thus ensuring an all-round nutritionally balanced diet. Providing your dog with proper nutrition enhances his overall development and beauty and rest assured,your dog is sure to make heads turn with his beauty and make your heart swell with pride.


  • Low moisture and high-caloric density: Kibble food has low moisture retention and contains high amounts of calorie. Thus, small proportions of kibble at varied intervals of the day ensures your dog has sufficient energy levels for a boisterous day and keep you charged up with his playfulness.

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