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Dog CarePuppy CareSenior Dog Care: 5 Ways To Keep Your Aging Dog Healthy & Happy

September 20, 2021by The Posh Pupper0
Senior Dog Care: 5 Ways To Keep Your Aging Dog Healthy & Happy

Senior dogs require proper love and care just as much as new puppies need. With age becoming an obstacle in their path, dogs crave more attention and adoration and all they need is your constant support throughout. After all, she is the same dog you once brought home eons back as a cute ball of fur and throughout her years, she has pampered you with unconditional joy and love. Always remember, no matter how hard the day has been for you, she’ll always be there to lift your spirits and all she needs in her final years is just the comfort of your lap, which for her, is the best pillow she can lay her furry head on.


Here are some dog-care tips for your senior doggo. You can imbibe them in your daily routine to keep her healthy & happy.


  •  Keep your dog active: Age-related problems often lead to the weakening of the rear end in dogs and thus hinder their mobility. As a result, you might find your dog not being able to move well from stand to sit position and vice versa. To help tackle such problems, practice the “sit” and “stand” commands preferably at mealtime and throughout the day. Every brief activity for your doggo will help in keeping those muscles strong and gradually retain her mobility.


  •  Practice range of motion exercises: It is a good practice to keep your doggo’s arms and legs in motion. Gently extend, without pulling, each leg five times while your doggo lies on her side and turn her over and repeat the same process on the other side as well. Such exercises prevent joint fluid from becoming sticky and thus enhance your dog’s natural ability to move.


  •  Give daily massages: An extensive massage is what your doggo needs to relieve stress and aid muscle function by lengthening tight muscles. Regular massages also release happy hormones and are especially important to let your dog know that she is still valued and loved just as much as she was since her first day with you. Old age often plagues dogs with depression and other mental health issues and massages are a proven method to cheer her up and make the bond stronger and everlasting.


  •  Opt for acupuncture and cold-laser therapy: Cold laser therapy is a proven method to stimulate wound and injury healing while acupuncture can do wonders to alleviate the pain and stiffness of arthritis. If you find your doggo suffering from any of the two or paralysis from slipped discs, make the move at the earliest and get her treated using the above methods. A report states that in most cases, cold laser therapy and acupuncture can successfully heal dogs suffering from slipped disc problems within six weeks.


  •   Continue giving your dog joy: Look for ways to keep providing things that your adorable doggo loves even if her old age and seniority come in the way. Rest assured, the bond between man and his best four-legged best friend is something that has always been held up in high regard and it is one of the purest forms of love that can ever exist. If your doggo can not accompany you like before, on your daily walks to the park, you can always give her a piggyback ride and sit down with her just to make sure not to make her feel lonely. Take her to her favorite places and socialize with her as much as you can.


As they say, love is the purest form of vitamin and since vitamins are essential for your doggo’s immune system, pamper her with hugs and forehead kisses at every opportunity you get. Enjoy life carefree when you have your best friend by your side. Love your dog like there’s no tomorrow, for once she’s gone, life will never be the same for you and it is only with a huge void and lots of memories that will fuel your very existence.


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