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Puppy CareThe Complete Puppy Care Guide For New Parents

September 29, 2021by The Posh Pupper0

Becoming a new parent to an adorable doggo puppy is an enthralling and exhilarating milestone that one can achieve. But the entire journey of enjoying puppy parenthood is no cakewalk, it requires a lot of preparation, dedication, patience, sacrifice, and most importantly, bucket loads of the dose we call love. 

So buckle up for a wholesome journey as a puppy-parent, as we folks at The Posh Puppy bring you the complete puppy care guide to ensure a roller-coaster journey between you and your goofy ball of fur in the days ahead.

  • Make your home puppy-proof: Puppies, like babies and children, are naturally curious and will try to explore every nook and corner of their new territory by poking their puny nose into everything that can see and smell. To start with, designate your puppy to a certain space in your house and ensure to cordon off that particular area. Additionally, owing to their ever-curious nature and to ensure her safety, make sure to keep electrical goods, toxins, valuables, etc. And other potentially hazardous items out of their reach. Be sure to vacuum-clean her designated space to ensure spick and span cleanliness.
  •   Stack up on the essentials: Once your puppy sets foot in her new home, make it a point to add ID tags, dog collar and leash, dog food and feeding bowls, sleeping crate, toys, and a GPS tracker and activity monitor to your bucket list. You can also pamper her with a wide assortment of dog toys and other modes of entertainment to keep her occupied and make her feel cared-for, comfortable, and happy in her new environment.


  •  Chalk out a plan for diet & exercise: Treat your puppy with nutrient-dense dog food that will ensure her proper growth and holistic development in the coming months. Keep an eye on the food that you provide her with and make sure to deliver food that is both healthy and tasty. Head to our website for a wide range of choices, including premium, natural, and chicken jerky treats for your puppy. Be sure to provide her with some form of exercise and let her play, run and explore outside in a confined and safe area. Make sure to provide her with 5 minutes of exercise for every one month of her age. For example, if your puppy is 5 months of age, the ideal time for her to run and play is 30 minutes.
  •   Set up a proper & comfy sleeping space: Train your puppy to sleep in a designated area, like a dog bed or a crate, and make sure to place the bed nearby to her familiar faces around the house so as not to make her feel left out. During the initial days, avoid sleeping with your puppy in your bed as this might lead to an unwanted sleeping arrangement in the long run.
  •   Don’t miss out on potty training: Your goofy furball will need to urinate frequently and you have to anticipate her nature’s call. When it is the need of the hour, your puny four-legged furry friend will look around anxiously, start moving in circles, and sniff around the corners of the house for a suitable place. Ensuring to make her attend nature’s call in one particular designated area will save you from the troubles of cleaning up the mess once she’s grown into an adult doggo.
  •   Focus on behavior training: As they say, it’s better to strike the iron while it’s hot. Similarly, your puppy will have enhanced mental stimulation in her younger days and the earlier you start her lessons on obedience and behavior training, the better chances are for her to grow up into a well-mannered dog and make you proud as a doggo-parent. Obedience training from a young age will also strengthen the bond between you and your puppy.
  •   A visit to the vet is a must: A visit to the vet during the initial days with your new puppy is obligatory to ensure a proper diagnosis and thorough check-up in case something is wrong with her health. Vets can also provide you with inputs about proper feeding, timely vaccinations, financial aspects, and all other nitty-gritty that you may need to know about as a new puppy parent.
  •   Provide constant supervision: Now that your puppy is a constant companion of your day-to-day life, make sure to supervise his activities throughout the day. Simple activities like monitoring his health regularly, focusing on consistent training, and going an extra mile to prevent her from any injuries or accidents just to see that wide toothy grin is sure to strengthen the bond further and you’ll be to get to know your furry friend better and understand his personality and charm quickly.

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