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Dog CarePuppy Care5 houseplants that are toxic for your doggo

October 6, 2021by The Posh Pupper0

In today’s world, where beauty is a status-quo pageant, we humans can go to any lengths to lay our hands on the most eye-catching and appealing object that our eyes rest on while scouring the local neighborhood market. Decorating the indoors of the house is a trending fad these days and what better way to infuse beauty by mingling man-made objects with natural greenery? That’s where houseplants come in. Most households these days take pride in displaying a vast assortment of the rarest and the most exquisite houseplants. People often drive up to nurseries miles away on Sunday mornings with the hope of picking up the most pretty ones at the best possible prices.


While houseplants are an integral component in adding to the beauty quotient of your household and as the noted English poet once said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, however, most dog-parents are oblivious of the adverse effects some of these miniature plants can have on their beloved furry friend. Dogs are nosy creatures and sniffing and chewing on various household items are their sweet way of discovering the joys of life. Well, if not kept out of your doggo’s reach, some houseplants can pose serious health hazards to your doggo love.


Here are five such houseplants which have toxic effects on your doggo’s health. Read on to prevent any unwanted consequences.


  •   Aloe Vera: A succulent species which is native to Western Asia, this plant is cultivated around the world for its medicinal and agricultural use. The juice and gel found inside the leaves can be used to treat skin abrasions on dogs and aloe juice is a safe bet for dogs’ consumption. But chewing on the plant can expose dogs to toxins like anthraquinone, glycosides, and saponin which can induce diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy in them.
  •   Philodendron: These plants are extremely popular among indoor gardeners owing to their eye-catching foliage and ease of care. Philodendrons are abundant in calcium oxalate crystals and accidental ingestion by dogs can lead to severe oral irritation, swelling, vomiting, excessive drooling, difficulty in breathing, and in extreme cases, death.
  •   Sago Palm: These plants are mostly available in bonsai form and are native to the Japanese tropical regions. But Sago Palms are one of the most poisonous houseplants and have severe toxic effects on dogs and humans alike. Symptoms of Sago Palm poisoning in dogs include seizures, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and in rare cases, liver failure. It is best advised to prevent implanting this tree in households that have dogs.
  •   Peace Lily: These tropical plants are distinguished by their white flowers and dark, glossy leaves and are the first choice among indoor gardeners owing to their breathtaking beauty. The “Mauna Loa” variety of this plant, which can grow up to two feet in height, has poisonous effects on dogs. The insoluble calcium oxalate crystals present in this plant cause intense oral irritation, excessive drooling, and difficulty in swallowing in dogs.
  •   Corn Plant: The corn plant is a tropical African evergreen tree that is characterized by long, narrow leaves like stalks of corn, that grow upward from the shoot. They are also known as ‘’false palms”. These plants secrete a chemical compound called steroidal saponin, which when ingested by your doggo, can lead to blood vomiting, loss of appetite, and depression.

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