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December 20, 2021by The Posh Pupper0

10 ways to make it special for your Dog this Christmas


The most wonderful time of the year is here. Christmas cheer is in the air. Exciting things are happening around the city streets. Alleys are getting decked up, trees are getting decorated, a whiff of fresh bakes wafting through the house and party plans are in full swing. While the world is getting ready to usher in the festive spirits, it is time to shower some extra love and affection on your furry babies. Look deep into their eyes and you’ll know they are up for some fun and mischief too.

This jolly season, how about surprising your furry babies by making it Christmas Special for them?

  1. Give them a special treat – Holiday season is meant to enjoy all our favourite foods and bakes. Don’t leave your fur baby out of all this deliciousness! Make a special meal for your dog that has all his favourite ingredients in it.
  2. Buy them a new toy – Just like humans, your dog gets bored of the same toy too. Make sure you buy them a new chewy toy and watch their excitement as they jump and play with it, all around the house.
  3. Walk them through the Christmas lights – Christmas season is a great time to walk your dog through sparkly neighbourhood decorations. They will love the glow and glitter as you both walk across the street.
  4. Set them on a pet play date – Plan a playdate with other dog friends in the neighbourhood. Take them out on an outdoor trip. Let them socialise and play with other furry friends. It will relax them and make them happy.
  5. Learn to give them a canine massage – Dogs are active animals. They love to run, jump and play. Their muscles can grow tense from the hyper activities and just like us, they need the pressure to also release in their muscles. Give your pugs a long and relaxing massage and enjoy the extra hugs.
  6. Take them out on a weekend trip – If you are planning on a holiday, look for a pet friendly destination. Take them along, bond with them over good times. Make it a complete family holiday.
  7. Click the perfect picture under your Christmas tree – The Christmas tree is decked up. Wrapping and unwrapping gifts are in full swing. Capture these beautiful moments by clicking the pawr-fect family picture along with your furry boy.
  8. Make a paw print keepsake frame with your furry baby- Keepsake frames of dogs or their paw prints are meaningful and a forever memory. Gift one to yourself from your dog. Display them alongside Christmas ornaments.
  9. Get them a personalised hand-stamped dog tag – A personalised hand-stamped name tag for your dog is his ultimate gift. An accessory that you and your dog are going to equally love, this tag will also serve as a personal identity for them.
  10. How about a cosy cave for your dog who loves a little privacyCalm your dog by gifting them a snuggly soft bed to keep them warm and cosy through the winters.



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