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December 23, 2021by The Posh Pupper0


The chill in the winter air bites so hard. As we get into the thick of the season, we cannot help but wonder about stray pups and dogs out in the open. How do they beat the cold? Where do they sleep? Is there anything we can do to make it easier for them through the harsh winters?

Well, if you are a dog lover but cannot own a pup, you can still help your neighbourhood strays keep warm and comfortable. This Christmas, how about playing Santa to street dogs and pups, left alone to survive the season of chills? 

Mostly ignored or left to suffer, stray dogs need basic care to live healthy and happy. If you’ve decided to open your homes and hearts to the strays this season, then here are some simple yet useful tips on getting started to care for them.

  • Feeding them food and water

Winter and hunger are not a good combination. Hungry dogs cannot utilize their body’s warmth to help themselves. Begin by feeding them food and water. Warm milk and glucose biscuits keep their body warm and help generate more energy.

  • Make temporary shelters for them

Staying in the open can be tough. Makeshift shelters using cartons, old boxes, tires and old rugs can create a temporary place for the dogs and pups to keep themselves warm during winters. If you live in an independent set-up, you can also keep your gate open for them to come and take shelter. Use old curtains or bed sheets to cover them.

  • Get them fleece blankets to keep them warm

Fleece jackets or blankets are easily available in the market. Buy a regular one and wrap it around them to keep them warm. You can also crowdfund from your neighbourhood and buy one for each of the stray dogs as part of your community care initiatives during winter season.

  • Get in touch with your NGO to rescue the ones suffering

If your neighbourhood doesn’t support caring for strays, it is best to inform an NGO that works in your area for stray animals. Since they have ready support available to take care of those street animals suffering in winter, it is a good idea to reach out to them.

  • Motivate your neighbours and friends to report injured strays at once

Talk to your friends and neighbours in and around your house to report any stray that may be injured or suffering due to the harsh weather conditions. Sensitize others to help stray dogs or reach out to you. That way, more and more stray pups and dogs can be saved and comforted during cold.

Many people wish to help stray pups and dogs since they cannot adopt one. These voiceless creatures look forward to help from their human friends all the time. Turn an empathetic eye and you’ll find love and gratitude in their bright and shiny eyes. This Christmas, collect your blessings by being the Santa for the strays.

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