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UncategorizedSurviving COVID-19 Quarantine with your dog

January 12, 2022by The Posh Pupper0

Surviving COVID-19 Quarantine with your do

The season of surge is back. Past few weeks have seen a sharp shot in the deadly virus affecting the human race once again. Suddenly, seemingly normal lives have come to a standstill. Playing outdoors or walking our dogs in the park are not allowed anymore. Social Distancing and staying indoors is the norm. If you become infected with COVID-19, you will be required to stay at home for a period of several weeks. Hence, it is important to make sure that you have an accessible supply of dog ration at home so that you can care for your pet while ill.

As we continue to plan for the uncertainties, here are some tips to ensure your dog gets proper care when you contract the deadly virus and serve your quarantine.

  • Do not panic and self-isolate

First and foremost, do not panic and self-isolate yourself at once. See if you can arrange for another person to care for your dog until you’re able to return to normal. If you have no other option than to care for your dog yourself, adopt good hygiene practices like washing your hands well with soap before and after touching your dog, their food or bedding. Avoid whatever direct contact you can, including petting and being kissed or licked.

  • Train them to eliminate indoors

If you have a private yard, walk your dog in this area. If you do not have one, you might need to train your dog to eliminate indoors. It could be challenging, as once a dog is house trained, he is reluctant to eliminate indoors. If attempting to train your dog to eliminate indoors, use potty pads, dog turf, pet artificial grass trays, or another surface for elimination. Train your dog to eliminate on that surface just as you did when you house trained him as a puppy by using treats and positive reinforcement.

  • Stock up on dog supplies

Stock up on dog supplies for a month. You can place your orders online for timely delivery and hassle-free buying experience. Be sure to stock up on dog food, dog medication, cleaning supplies, dog toys and potty pads and litter box to eliminate.

  • Avoid co-sleeping with your dog

Avoid active physical contact with your dog during this time. Encourage them to sleep in their bedding. Avoid sleeping with your fur baby till you get well.

  • Hire a Dog Walker

Hire a dog walker who can take your dog out everyday to relieve themselves. It will also not disrupt their regular outdoor schedule. Make sure you sanitize the leash before and after handing your dog over to the dog walker.

Keep them entertained by talking to them through the day since they are stuck inside the house as long as you are. Finally, in the event of any unusual symptoms that you may notice in your dog, get in touch with your vet or doctor immediately.

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