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Dog CarePuppy CareDoes your dog have Asthma?

March 5, 2022by The Posh Pupper0

Does your dog have Asthma


Have you often noticed your fur baby coughing and wheezing and generally have a hard time breathing? Like humans, dogs also suffer from asthma attacks and the symptoms range from mild to severe. It is a debilitating condition and much less common health issue spotted in dogs. Asthma attacks occur when a dog has an allergic reaction to an irritant. The airway becomes inflamed, resulting in constriction and spasming of the lungs’ small airways. Young and middle-aged dogs usually show symptoms of Asthma.

How do you know if your dog has Asthma?

  •         Excessive Panting

Dogs pant when they are hot or exhausted since they do not have sweat glands. This is normal and not a cause of concern after heavy exercises or in hot weather. However, if you notice your pet panting heavily and for prolonged duration, even with little running, you should get in touch with your vet at once.

  •         Loss of Appetite

When dogs suffer from Asthma, it can cause lungs to become hyperinflated, pushing down your dog’s stomach. These complications can often cause stomach pains or a fullness feeling, despite insufficient intake of food by them. It can lead to poor nutrition and one of the conditions when you can suspect Asthma in your dog.

  •         Decreased Energy Levels

Due to lack of oxygen, your dog may suffer from an overall lack of energy. It can lead to lethargy and demonstrating intolerance to any significant amount of exercise. They may not be able to take long walks with you or avoid jumping and playing in the park. When you notice the lack of will towards physical activities in your dog, you must reach out to your vet team.

  •         Pale Gums

If you spot your canine friend’s gums turn pale or blue coloured, you should seek medical help for your dog. It is usually linked to severe asthma attack and untimely medical attention may lead to unnecessary complications. If you suspect your dog with asthmatic conditions, keep a close check on their gum health.

  •         Respiratory Distress

Symptoms like wheezing and coughing and being constantly out of breath are strong indicators of Asthma in dogs. These symptoms can be triggered with colds and flus. However, if they are chronic and your pet dog is showing other symptoms that point towards Asthma, get in touch with your vet expert.


Diagnosing Asthma in dogs is a fairly long process and usually include eliminating the possibility of other diseases being the cause of dog’s symptoms. Since heart diseases, bacterial infection and other heartworm diseases cause similar symptoms, doctors conduct detailed physical examination on dogs before prescribing treatment. Asthma can cause permanent long-term damage to the lungs. Hence, treat the symptoms seriously and seek medical advice if your dog is exhibiting them often,


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