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UncategorizedRehoming Dogs Safely – FAQs

August 2, 2022by admin0

What does rehoming dogs mean? Do dogs get sad when rehomed?

Do dogs miss their owners when rehomed? Should you feel guilty of rehoming your dogs? What are the steps to follow if you wish to rehome your dog safely? These and several such questions must be worrying you if you are planning on rehoming your dogs. 

Choosing to rehome a dog cannot be an easy decision. It is equally important to recognize that rehoming dogs does not mean abandoning them. In fact, it is one of the most responsible decisions for pet parents owing to cost, illness, injury or housing issues. Although rehoming dogs raises several doubts, there are solutions to every problem. This blog attempts at answering some of these issues with possible solutions.

  • I’ve exhausted all my options trying to keep my dog, what to do?

If you’ve decided to rehome your dog, here are the first steps for you to consider:

  • Contact breed rescue groups
  • Rehome the dog through your known references
  • Publish ads on Rehoming Dog on social media and local bulletin boards
  • Create a social media profile for your dog that best highlights your dog’s features and behavioural qualities.


  1. How to work with animal shelters and local breed rescue groups?
    1. Make a list of animal shelters and local breed rescue groups in your area.
    2. Write to them and indicate your requirements in detail
    3. Follow up, evaluate options shared by them and decide what works best for you.


  1. How to describe your dog’s optimal home environment?

Evaluate what kind of home setting is best for your dog. In any event, is he okay with other pets? Is your dog child-friendly? What type of people and personalities would suit your dog’s positive energy? Consider these and create an idea/profile of what your dog needs in a new home.

  • How to prepare the dog for his rehoming experience?

It is common for dogs to undergo bouts of anxiety during the transition phase. You can prepare them better by introducing them to the new owner a few days before sending them off for ever. That will build familiarity and bond between them. It generally takes three to four weeks for pups and adult dogs to settle comfortably in their new home. Give them space, extra hugs, their favourite food and a positive environment. Visit them sometimes in their new home to help them settle better.

  • How do I learn more about my dog’s potential owner?

Do a little research on the new dog adopter before agreeing to rehome with them. Make sure there are no dangers for your dog such as a large dog that is aggressive and ferocious. Visit them and check on the pet bowls and dishes to learn more about how frequently they get cleaned etc. Trust your instincts and make a decision because you know what is best for your dog.

  • Consider an adoption contract.

If you adopted your dog through a shelter or rescue group, you may have signed an adoption contract. These contracts often require you to return the pet to the adoption location if you can no longer care for it. In some cases, especially if many years have gone by and your dog is old or ill, the shelter may have a hard time finding it a new home.

  • What is the average time taken for the rehoming process?

Dog-rehoming takes time. You will need to stay patient through the entire process. Do not rush into it since finding a good fit for your dog takes time, love, care and a lot of patience.

Rehoming can be a successful experience if adequate time and care is given to the process of finding a new adopter for your pet. A little research and preparation may save you some heartache and lead your pet to a loving, caring forever home. We wish you every success if you are faced with this decision.


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