5 reasons why Posh Puppy is becoming the new favourite among pets and pet parents.

At Posh Puppy we think that our canine companions deserve nothing but the best. As a result, we only use human-grade ingredients in our meals and treats, which we handpick just for your closest buddy(pet parents).

  May 6, 2021

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Why Is It Better to Feed Your Dog All-Natural Dog Food?

There are numerous reasons why organic dog food is superior to formulas and kibble made with non-organic ingredients for your furry friend(pet parents).

Let’s start by acknowledging that what you feed your pup or dog has a significant and long-term effect on its health and  well being. The right diet can significantly improve the quality of life of your pet(pet parents), and it all begins with the right ingredients, which is why we handpick ours and offer the finest and the best.

How bad diet can affect your dog.

A poor diet, according to experts and pet-care practitioners, is one of the major reasons why pets are frequently suffering from serious or auto-immune problems, and even dying young. The old saying “you are what you eat” applies to more than just humankind. If one does not do proper research before feeding the dog, it could lead to sever health conditions. It is extremely important to know everything about your dog’s diet to avoid future complications.

How much nutrient is sufficient?

Ever more dog owners are opting for organic dog food for their pets. To be labelled as organic, dog food must meet a rigorous set of requirements, similar to human food, while regular pet food must merely meet a minimal nutrient requirement. 

Five reasons why Posh Puppy is the best choice

Here at Posh Puppy we offer both Fresh Dog Food and Dry Dog Food. All of our foods and treats have been clinically tested, veterinarian-approved, and have shown health benefits, here are a few -:

  1. There are fewer digestive issues

     – Many commercial dog foods today contain fillers that are difficult for dogs to digest, such as maize. Organic dog food is more similar to what a dog’s digestive system developed to eat over decades. Feeding your dog, a diet that is more similar to what he would eat in nature would result in less digestive issues.

  1. Allergic reactions And Food Allergies are reduced

     – Many dogs and puppies are allergic to dog food, which can be caused by added chemicals, oils, and fillers, as well as poor quality ingredients. Because the ingredients in organic food are of higher quality, common allergies are reduced.

  1. Longevity and Quality of Life 

    – You can help your dog live a long, happy, and healthy life by feeding organic meals. A luxury, shiny coat, plenty of energy to run and play, a healthy weight, and a healthy immune system will help your dog live longer and live better.

  1. Allergies and skin problems

     – If your dog has an itchy skin condition, you’ve probably tried “everything and anything” in the hopes of providing relief. Organic dog food may offer your pet the best and most consistent protection against skin infections and allergies. Since it is   free of artificial colors and flavor enhancers, synthetic chemicals, and harmful pesticides that could trigger your dog’s allergies.

  2. Immune System Enhancement

     – You may very well have overheard your doctor say that instead of taking a multivitamin or supplements, you should get the majority of your vitamins and minerals from foods. Dogs are in the same boat. A dog who eats an organic diet will be healthier and more resistant to diseases and infections.

Do you need assistance in choosing the optimum and the best nutritional balance diet for your dogs and puppies? Our in-house team at Posh Puppy includes Licensed Nutritionists and Veterinarians who will consult with you and provide a meal plan for your pet(pet parents) depending on its personal needs.

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