5 ways to tell your dog you love them

5 Ways Dogs Show Love

If you’re reading this, chances are your dog is the most amazing thing in your life. You know that they love you unconditionally and would do anything for a belly rub or a treat. But how can you tell them that, even if they don’t understand English? Here are 5 ways to let them know just how much they mean to you: 

Eye Contact

Dogs are masters of communication and they use their eyes to relay messages. If your dog looks at you with “that look,” then it’s time for a chat, so be sure to give them all the attention they deserve! Add in some sweet talking into this conversation and soon enough, your pup will have hearts melting from love!


The simple act of physical touch can flood your dog with oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. Take the time to give them a gentle massage, scratch their belly or rub their ears for that sweet spot any canine would love and you’ll guarantee yourself an approving smile from the doggy after they receive all that love flowing through. While some dogs might enjoy cuddling others may not so it’s best to read up on what kind of body language your pup is giving off before proceeding!

Bow- wow

Your dog will often bark to tell you about their day and maybe give you an opinion too. Research has shown that dogs raise their eyebrows when listening, so try raising yours next time they talk to see how it goes! When you show them your ear is always open for what they have to say, there’s a good chance the tail starts wagging along with eye contact and the cutest ever head twist!

Training Sessions

Dogs are not only playful creatures, but they thrive on the structure of learning new tricks and behavior. They love to cooperate with their owners by being taught good manners that will make everyone happy from your pup all the way up to you! By feeding them during training sessions or giving them a toy as an incentive for behaving well, it can be rewarding both ways- teach your dog some responsibility while strengthening his bond with you in return.

Furry Friends

Give your dog the chance to build their confidence by being around other dogs and humans! Drop them off for a day full of new smells, playing, learning with fellow fur buddies. You are also providing your pup an opportunity to learn positive behavior while reinforcing what they know at home so that when you bring them back there is nothing but love left in their heart.

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Tamu 6 months old
Tamu 6 months old
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Thor (15 months)
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