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July 10, 20200

Your dog is vomiting?

Does your dog have diarrhea?

Or is suddenly eating a lot of grass?

Not sure if you should go to the vet? Or just wait? And what if doggo pukes again?

We have answers to all of the questions.

Our on phone consultation.

And surprise, surprise, it’s absolutely free. 

As we all try to adjust to our new normal, here at Posh we have been looking at ways that we can help dog parents and their pets stay healthy during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

From a holistic perspective, veterinary phone consultations can offer you a fresh look at a variety of ailments. It is our goal to give you a greater understanding of any physical or behavioral condition your pet may be facing.  There are many health problems that do not have permanent solutions when treated only with western medicine.  We are here to provide specific information on your pets’ health issues as they have been diagnosed, and can provide ideas for their treatment from a holistic perspective.  The most common treatments suggested through phone consultation are dietary and OTC medicines. We are here to help owners better understand the disease processes that have been diagnosed and provide solutions to these problems.

During the consultation, we will review past medical history and present problems. Having the animal’s medical history allows us to paint the whole picture for you to better appreciate your pet’s medical journey. 

Some questions you can ask us:

  • Health
      • My dog has diarrhoea? What are the causes and treatments?
      • My dog is drinking a lot of water, should I worry?
      • My dog seems to be in pain. What should I do?
    1. Behaviour 
      • Why is my dog eating grass?
      • My dog keeps stretching, what can I do?
      • What can I do to stop my dog from barking at people and front doors?
      • How can I keep my puppy from biting and chewing everything?
      • How can I potty train my dog?
  • Nutrition
      • I want to feed home made meals to my dog. What are the basics?
      • What are the general feeding recommendations for puppies?
  • Care
      • Is neutering a good idea? What are the main aspects to consider?
      • My pets are always indoor? Do they still need tick and fleas treatment?
      • How often should I deworm my dog?
  • Before you get your puppy
    • Which breed should I get?
    • Where do I adopt my puppy from? Pet shop? Breeder? Pros and cons?
    • Should I get a mix breed or a pure breed

And for a more personalised experience, you can also video chat with our expert veterinarian. He can conduct an examination online and help you with the diagnosis. No more running to the vet.

We at posh believe, you know your pet better than the vet!


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