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July 10, 20200

Watching your dogs sleep is awesome -the twitching eyebrows, the paddling paws in a dreamland chase is one of the joys of living with them. Another is the coziness of sharing a bed with your best friend. Whether for comfort, warmth or safety, every hooman at some point of time, has let the dog sleep with him on the bed. But a lot of dog parents often wonder whether what they are doing is right. Is it okay to let your dog sleep with you on the bed?


A lot of trainers advise against it. They feel it encourages dominant behaviour. Though I am no expert on these things, personally, I disagree. My dog, Silk, sleeps with me on my bed and she has always been a decent dog. 


But there are numerous studies which praise the behaviour of sleeping with your dog. For example, sleeping with your pup has many mental benefits such as an increased feeling of safety and comfort. People suffering from PTSD found that sleeping with their pet helped diminish nightmares. 


There are physical benefits as well, sleeping with your pup releases oxytocin in the brain. A powerful chemical which is released when a person falls in love, is around their baby or receives a promotion. You get the idea. It is what makes you happy.


I have personally noticed that I sleep better when Silk is on the bed with me. I am always filled with anxiety when I am on a business trip and don’t have her around. 


The below graphic from Casper, an amazing pet blog, nicely explains the 13 scientific benefits of sleeping with your dog. Of course, it’s not for everyone, if you have allergies or just don’t feel comfortable with the idea that is okay too. You can put a small bed near yours to reap the same benefits!

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