100% All-Natural Dog Food that keeps your dog happier and more energetic with an increasingly better coat, as a result of improved good health. Our best friends deserve a healthier and longer life… and more importantly GOOD, YUMMY FOOD!

We have Fresh Dog Food and Dry Dog Food.

All of our food and treats are clinically tested, approved by vets and have proven health benefits.


TREATOS are grain-free treats that are high in protein content and free from all the “filler” grains like wheat, corn, and soy that add zero nutritional value,affect your dog's digestion and metabolism adversely.


The Dog Lifestyle cannot be completed without TOYS!
Check out our collection of tried and tested toys that are sure to become your pet’s favourite!

Need help in choosing the right nutritional balance for your dogs and pups?

Our in-house team of Certified Nutritionists and Vets will consult you and give you a diet plan for your pet based on its specific needs.

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