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August 4, 20202

How to Choose the right pup

We all fall prey to those cute puppy doll eyes at the shelter but are your sure that’s the right type of pup for you? Truth be told, adopting a pup is usually more complicated than it sounds. If you are a dog fan like me, then you will easily go home with more than three pups when all you wanted was just one. Yes, you heard me, right! But hey, don’t worry. From one dog lover to another- here are my secret tips on how to choose the right pup for you. I’ll also share with you a guide to the first month with your puppy. Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

1.    Check the confidence and activity level

The best thing about adopting a pup; there’s no need to make quick decisions. Take your time. In fact, you actually have all the time in the world. Don’t let those cute puppy doll eyes fool you. More importantly, you will need to observe the pup’s interaction with the rest of the litter before alerting them of your presence. Go with the puppy that’s outgoing and is neither exclusively dominant nor submissive.

2.    Temperament and sociability

The next thing you will have to check with the breeder is the temperament and sociability features of your future pup. Look for dogs that approach you with their head held up high and their tails wagging. You can also pick one up and see how they react. She shouldn’t nip or vocalize while you carry her.

3.    Health

This information should be given to you by the breeder. You should also check the parents of your pup in case they have any health issues. That will help you prepare for any complications in the future and also plan the right diet for your puppy.


Guide to the first month with your pup

Taking your pup home is one of the biggest steps for both you and the little guy. Now you both need to learn in co-existence and also enjoy each other’s company. Something that most people do not consider is how important the first month is to the development of your pup.

At this time, you should introduce your dog to people of different races and every member of your family that might pop up to your home when you are not around. It would help if you also introduced your pup to different animals in the block.

Another crucial element is that it’s now the perfect time to start training your pup some of the basic skills. You can start with the old fetch game. That will lay the foundations to more complex training.  Take your time and consult with your local vet for any health concerns. Also, in case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your vet or check out from my previous blog posts. Information is key, especially if you are a first-time dog owner.

In summary

You will never regret bringing a pup home. However, you need to pick the right pup for you. All in all, we all have different preferences. You might as well go for a given puppy simply because of their size and colour combination.


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