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Week one with your pup

It is vital that you teach your puppy where to eliminate, what to chew and how to have a happy time when you are not around. Remember, puppy schooling starts from day one and never ends. 


House training


The day you bring your pup, you should also get a puppy crate. If you cannot get a puppy crate, you must confine your pup to at least one specific area of the house and be consistent with it. The same area must be used until the puppy learns the house rules. And please do not stray from puppy confinement. I learnt it the hard way but I want you to not repeat my mistakes. The quicker you housetrain your puppy, the sooner she gets to enjoy roaming around the house.


What should your doggy den have?


  • A place for your pup to rest and sleep
  • A stuffed chew toy to play with when you are not around
  • A pee pad or something similar for your pup to eliminate

Potty training


New pup parents always find it difficult to teach their pups to eliminate. But trust me, it is very easy. Very very easy. Just follow this three steps:


  • When you mop the floor, add 2 caps of unseasoned vinegar with your phenyl solution.
  • Mop the house with the solution but keep one area free of it– could be your garden, the balcony or the bathroom or similar, you know your house better.
  • Pick up your puppy every 1-2 hours and put him in the potty area.
  • Wait for him to pee or poop.
  • When he does relieve himself, reward him with mad excitement and lot of puppy treats!

Puppy Game: Tug-of-war | Drop it or Leave it 


Puppy games are fun ways to tire out your newly adopted fur baby while building the skills they’ll need to become socialized, obedient, friendly adult dogs in the future. While puppies spend a good portion of their days sleeping, they can have lots of energy when they wake up, and puppy games can put that energy to good use.

Tug-of-war is something dogs play naturally and it is an awesome game to play with your pup. 

Make sure you use a toy that is only for playing tug-of-war. Do not use socks or other objects that might confuse your dog about what they can play with. If your dog tries to pick up something that’s not a toy, the game should end immediately so they learn that this isn’t acceptable.

This is also a great way to start teaching your puppy the command, “Drop it,” or, “Leave it.” Wait for them to drop the toy on their own. This may take a while, but be patient. Once they do, reward them with a treat.

Once they start to get the idea that dropping the toy earns them a treat, start associating the command with the behavior. Your puppy will probably not learn this perfectly in one sitting, and it may take some time, but it’s a mental and physical exercise that will burn off puppy energy.

Just don’t let these sessions go on too long or your puppy will get bored and start to lose what they’ve learned.

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