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July 10, 20200


I’m sure you already know that it’s not uncommon for dogs to have ticks. Actually, these pesky pests will always find their way to your dogs fur no matter how caring you might be to your furry friend. But wait! Do you even understand what ticks are? If not, then you’ve come to the right place. We are going to discuss various ways to care for your dog when she’s infested with ticks. So, let’s get started, shall we?


What exactly is dog tick?

When you look through your dog’s fur, there’s a high chance that you might spot a dark eight-legged parasite that is sucking your pup’s blood. Even though ticks tend to be tiny, they instantly swell up after sucking blood from your pooch. Once they are attached to your dog’s body, they burry their mouthparts into the skin.


Why do ticks come during the Monsoon season in India?

As the monsoon season starts in India, everything around us turns green and more beautiful. However, as much as we should celebrate the rainy season, we also need to acknowledge the fact that we are prone to getting ill. More importantly, our furry friends will also need extra attention from us.

That’s because tall grasses and water puddles around the house could host potential viruses and also pests. To be more specific, tall grasses can how ticks which will have no problem jumping into your puppy’s fur. That said, during monsoon season, you should try your best to take care of your pooch through ensuring she has the best care routines every day.

What’s more, just one tick is enough to cause havoc to your dog’s health. That’s because they can lay up to eighteen thousand eggs in a short time frame.


How to Care for Your Dog when infested with ticks


1.    Avoid tall grasses and waterlogged areas

First and foremost, when you are taking your dog outside to play, try and avoid flooded areas or even areas with tall grasses especially during monsoon season. As you’ve seen, just one tick can cause harm to your dog. Now let’s get to some of the ways you can care for your pup.

2.    Groom regularly

Check your pup’s fur daily after the evening walk. Use a flea comb to go through the fur carefully and identify ticks or fleas. If you do find them read how to take care of them towards the end. You must also use a tick & flea shampoo and bathe your dog once every 15 days. In case you spot one too many ticks on your dog, use a couple of drops of Nilgiri oil in your dog’s bath water and watch the ticks disappear!

3.    Home made tick spray

I personally use this on my dog during the monsoons, she hated it initially but doesn’t resist it now even though she barely accepts it. But a part water and one part vinegar solution can be used in a bottle spray and sprayed on your dog’s quotes to stay away ticks & fleas. Just avoid spraying the face!

Another way to make a home made tick spray is to cut a lemon in 4 parts and put it in a jar. Cover it with boiling water and let it steep overnight. Again put the solution in a spray bottle and spray over your dog before your walks, especially the paws and behind the years.


Removing the tick

You can also remove the ticks using your hands. Whenever your fur bestie goes out, you should routinely check her fur. Use your hands to gently rub her skin and feel if there’s anything in the fur. Once you’ve spotted any tick, pull it out gently. There’s also the option of buying medications that can help you deal with your tick situation. Ticks are common especially when your fur friend is allowed to roam freely outside. But, with proper care, you can take care of this pests. In case the situation is too much for you to handle, take time to talk to your vet.

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